• Software Development

    It doesn't come as a surprise anymore when we notice that software is everywhere around us. It comes embedded in almost everything that we use on a daily basis. From the tooth brushes that we use to the cars that we drive; everything is software driven.

    At Oriange, we thrive to bring you the best of the software solutions to enable your business to grow faster and steadier. We empower you to stay in control and steer your organization to newer heights instead of following the trends.

  • We continuously indulge in speaking with the day to day pain points of business across domain. Our rigorous due diligence helps us build quality solution that are simple to use for the end user and gives peace of mind to our customers. We ensure that the power of automation and process standardization helps our customers worry less about run mode of the business and concentrate on expanding.

    We currently have the following industry specific micro solutions that our customers can leverage to bring their businesses online and ensure that their customers are continuously engaged.

    • 1. Insurance Brokerage
    • 2. Academics (for Schools, Colleges, and training/tuition institutes)
    • 3. Retail (Supply Chain, Stock Management, Sales, financials, online and offline catalogues)
    • 4. Customer Service.

    We keep adding to our product base and help our customer evolve and digitize.