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Director's Message

  • Training

    I am often confronted by this question - "Why did you choose Latur? The challenges associated with that decision are quite evident." My roots are in Latur and it is my way of giving back – that is my usual retort. Who would have thought that one day this place will become the engineering education hub of Maharashtra. The early birds have to take that calculated risk and that is what I have done. Having ventured forth in software development one knows that the steady flow of talent is a prerequisite for an uninhibited business growth. With this need in mind we have planned to have both the wings - Development and Training running in tandem at Oriange. While we have a good chunk of Engineering, BCA, MCA and Diploma students passing out of the colleges each year they have to travel to places like Hyderabad and Pune to look for software training and for employment opportunities. What Oriange has done for these students is to bring an entire training framework to their doorsteps which is at par with any in the industry, is affordable and offers convenience like none other. Our trainers encourage the students to align their academic projects with the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) phases which exposes them to the latest techniques and processes including multi-location team interaction, role playing etc. Armed with these techniques the students take the real life projects head-on. The bright ones are encouraged to join us as employees. I am very pleased with the results so far and am confident that we are heading in the right direction
    Thanks – Varsha

  • Development

    It is said that everything starts with a thought. The same holds true for Oriange. When Oriange came into existence on 9th May 2016, it was indeed a culmination of many months of ideation. The concept took shape and from then on it has been a thrilling journey for me and my team. We knew the challenges that lay ahead of us and we were prepared for those. With every challenge that we encountered and overcame, we grew in confidence. "Continuous Improvement" seems to be the mantra of our success. We have quite an elaborate training and mentoring plans laid out for our employees. The kind of exposure our employees are getting is immense. Given the current size of our organization, all of us have to wear many hats. At Oriange, client holds the key. Timely and within budget delivery without compromising the quality of our products is what we strive to achieve. All the processes within our company are designed keeping these fundamental software delivery aspects in mind. We lend voice to our products - they speak for themselves. The fact that many clients have approached us with repeat business is a testimony of our claims. We look forward to working with you and help grow your business by leaps and bounds.
    Thanks – Varsha