Director's Message

  • Training

    "People frequently ask me this question whyd did I choose Latur knowing the challenges I would face and response I will get. My answer is Latur is my root and it is my small effort to return in whatever way to my roorts. Along with development, ORIANGE’s other half is training. The purpose to induce training along with development to mitigate the risk of resource challenge we have. We are training students and pick up the smart talents to work on development. Diploma, Engineering, BCA, MCA students in Latur usually travel to Hyderabad, Pune to get software training. They have to complete it during vacation or post graduation. We have bought the same level of training at their own home town which they can avail whole year and save money on staying out and take expensive trainings outside. We also encourage students building their academic projects with us to get the understanding of complete development life cycle as in IT industry. We help them building confidence and communication skills to stand independent post their graduation. We are pleased to see new stars coming out of ORIANGE and really proud of them." Thanks – Varsha

  • Development

    "ORIANGE is a baby born on 9th May – 2016. Our team of expertise continuously and tirelessly working to nurture it. We are growing as a proper corporate to make it more competitive and market player. ORIANGE has born in a small city and there are multiple challenges of resources and people However, we as a director are constantly guiding our employees to get into the suit of corporate culture, develop their technical skills. Team is getting chance to wear many hats and learn many skills. We proudly tell that this youth is adopting it so quickly. IT company is where success is measured by the creativity, quality and on time delivery of the projects. We at ORIANGE work on to continuously improve designs, technology and services to allow our clients to achieve the most effective solutions within budget. Our products and software speak for themselves and the customer is left with just a wow experience. We try to make better and innovative things every time. We look forward to work for you to give your business “Online New Look” or efficient management systems so that your business grow more with customer satisfaction." Thanks – Varsha